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Twelve Bathroom Renovation Essentials

Whether it’s the bathroom in your very first home, or you’ve recently moved and want to spice things up, there’s a certain number of essentials that you’ll need. We’ve created this list of what we consider to be the most important additions to any bathroom, and what you need to bring into your bathroom today!

You may not want to get all these items, however they are highly recommended as they will greatly enhance your bathroom experience for years to come.

Proper Lighting

Good lighting will enhance the space in a bathroom in general. For a particularly luxurious look, we recommend going with a chandelier in the bathroom.

Stunning Mirror

Just because your bathroom comes with a mirror, doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. In fact, there’s a wide range of mirrors that will help add instant customization to any bathroom:

  • Medicine cabinets

  • Shadow box

  • Framed mirrors

  • Venetian mirrors

And many more!

Stay Dry

Towels are an important part of any bathroom. Towels also don’t have to be drab, they can have lots of different styles, softness, colors and looks available to accommodate your tastes. Try to find something that matches the layout and style of your current bathroom.

Bath Mats

A bath mat needs to be three things; durable, absorbent and plush. Choose one that’s easy to clean, but also one that matches the look of your bathroom.

Be Certain about your Curtain

Get a non-traditional shower curtain, there’s lots of shower curtains that are available in different colors, textures and even fun graphic prints to completely match your bathroom’s look.

Lemon Fresh

To keep your bathroom looking good, you’ll need quality cleaning supplies. Based on your preferences, you can get environmentally friendly cleaning products that are free of harmful chemicals and dyes. Or, get automatic cleaning products like toilet bowl cleaners or shower sprays.

Storage Solutions

There’s a lot of creative ideas available for bathroom storage, especially if you have a smaller bathroom. A smaller bathroom might require some especially throughout bathroom storage options.

No Peeking

Bathroom windows have to look and function well, in order to protect your privacy. Some ideas for bathroom windows include installing skylights or putting windows above head level.

Toothbrush Organization

A toothbrush holder is less of a necessity, but still a great item to have around your bathroom. From a cup to a sophisticated toothbrush holder, you’ll be happy you have quick access to your toothbrush every morning!

Trash Can

Trash cans can be more than just somewhere to store your trash. They can be trendy and very functional, including a foot-pad to open or can open automatically!

Hand Soap

Something that is often overlooked is the hand soap. Good hand soup is a absolute necessity and will instantly enhance your bathroom. Look for soft hand soaps with light fragrances.

Dry Hands

Hand towels are the last step. To quickly get dry hands, get great hand towels that match your other towels. Or, get sanitizing wipes that can be easily disposed.


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