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Option 1



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Absolutely No Hidden Costs

Reg $9,879

Package Introduction

Revamp your bathroom with “The Option 1” which includes a custom soaker bathtub, new toilet, shower fixtures, mold-resistant board, copper piping, drains, and elegant tile installation. Experience luxury and relaxation in your revamped bathroom.

Package Description

Introducing "The Option 1" - a comprehensive bathroom renovation package that will transform your bathroom into a luxurious and relaxing haven. Option 1 offers a complete solution for your bathroom renovation needs. We start by removing all old materials from the bathroom and ensuring a clean slate for the renovation. One of the highlights of this package is the installation of a new custom soaker bathtub and tile floors. Indulge in a deep and comfortable soak, as you unwind after a long day. The package also includes the installation of a new toilet with a soft-close seat, providing a touch of elegance and convenience. To enhance your shower experience, we supply and install a new shower head and diverter spout, ensuring a refreshing and invigorating start to your day. Mold resistance is a top priority, which is why Option 2 offers the supply and installation of new mold-resistant board. This ensures long-lasting durability and a healthy environment for your bathroom. To create a visually appealing and elegant look, new tiles are installed from floor to ceiling. The installation of new copper piping ensures efficient water flow and longevity. For proper drainage and functionality, we supply and install new drains, pop-up drains, and overflows. These components are essential for maintaining a clean and hassle-free bathroom experience. To keep your bathroom organized, we install a new corner caddy and soap dish, giving you convenient storage space for your toiletries. Option 1 is an amazing bathroom renovation solution, offering a complete overhaul with attention to detail, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Upgrade your bathroom with this comprehensive package and experience the epitome of comfort and style.

What's Included

Material Removal

Remove all old material from bathroom as well as removed from job site

Delta Taps

Supply and install new Delta taps

New Tiles to Ceiling

Supply and install new tile to ceiling

New Corner Caddy

Supply and install a new corner caddy and soap dish

The Soaker Bathtub

Supply and install a new custom soaker bathtub

New Shower Head

Supply and install a new shower head and diverter spout

New Copper Piping

Supply and install new copper piping

Soft Close Seat Toilet

Supply and install a new toilet with soft close seat

Mold Resistance Boards

Supply and install new mold resistant board

New Drains

Supply and install new drain, pop-up drain, and overflow

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