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  • Can Western work with my budget and still get me the bathroom I am looking for?
    Western has tailored to all kinds of budgets over the years, and there is nothing more delightful than giving you what you want, around the price you desire. There are no limits to the lengths we go to ensure you get a beautiful in-home spa at the price range you are comfortable with, it's just an added perk to the job description.
  • I need other work done, such as electrical or plumbing work?
    We have plumbers and electricians that work with us whenever special work is needed, all done by ticketed, licensed professionals the right way. Everything is done by code and always done with proper protocol. If anything extra is required to do your bathroom, we go through the proper protocol and steps to complete the renovation.
  • What if I do not know what design or colour scheme I want in my bathroom?
    No problem! A lot of times we encounter clients that aren't always sure as to what they want in their bathroom - that is why we have bathroom specialists! We can show you or bring you samples, we are great at showcasing our work and our supplier's options on the web, and we have a great time giving you our best professional, and personal recommendations. With a budget or without, we are always here to try and give you exactly what you are looking for out of your in-home spa!
  • What if I cannot be home when Western is booked to be in my home?
    We encounter this question on a daily basis. Of course, our work hours are your work hours also! We tend to all of our clients who are either unable to be at the house due to prior commitments or work, as we do all of our clients, with accommodation and respect. Being a founding bathroom package and renovation company in Calgary, we understand that it can be an uneasy decision for some people to allow a company into their home without them there because trust is not given easily these days. But trust is something that is earned! For a quarter of a century, we have been entrusted within the homes of our customers thousands upon thousands of times, and one more common situation is clients who are unable to be home during the renovation. We ask that you provide us with a key in any fashion that you are comfortable with, being under the mat or in a lockbox, and we will get that renovation done seamlessly for you to return to!
  • I am on a tight schedule, can Western accommodate me?
    As well as our schedule permits; we will do all in our power. Your time and your needs are top priorities to us, and although we can never foresee some aspects of a renovation or supplier, we always put the measures in place to make sure your date is what you require.
  • Can I upgrade certain aspects of my package?
    The packages are put together for you to go ahead with, or run with! It is entirely up to you what you want to do with it! We find that for more custom jobs we can usually work with one of our packages to start with, and customize from there!
  • What work do you not do for the renovation, and why?
    For certain aspects of the job such as mirrors, lighting, painting etc. our company refrains from offering due to the mass amount of selections, suppliers and details. We do however have good ideas of where to find what you are looking for, and can however install certain aspects of your job. Call us to inquire for more information.
  • What should I do if I have pets?
    For the safety of our crew and employees we do ask that your pets be separated from the area we will need to be in and out of the bathroom and home. We are not saying that fluffy is a dog like cujo, but the risk that anything were to happen to your animal or our employees is a risk we completely would like to avoid. The doors are sometimes left open during demolition, and we never like to have to go around the neighborhood looking for someone's beloved lassie either!
  • What does an in-home estimate include?
    Free of charge, and offered not only during the day but also evenings and weekends at your convenience, our in-home estimate includes anything that you need. Whether you are just shopping around and don't know exactly what you want, or you have printed pictures of everything you are looking to get, we are right there, ready to help. From measuring, to cost estimating, to laying out the total image of the renovation for you to start envisioning in your home, the possibilities for renovation planning are endless!
  • What if I live in a condo? How does that affect my renovation?
    If your residence is a townhouse or another kind of property with its own water shut off we have no special efforts involved. If your residence is an apartment condo style, we will need you to discuss the following with the condo board. We will need access to the drain system. We will need to know if we are able to move the drain system. We will need access to the water shut off We will need access to reasonable parking to access our materials, tools etc. If not on the main floor or reasonable floor, we will need access to elevators to able us in removing and placing bathroom materials As we have encountered many different building types, these are the questions that we now have to ask in order to renovate your bathroom the way you want it, at a reasonable rate, and within our respected timeframe.
  • What is the warranty on the renovation?
    We all need to know the details, and warranty questions are very important questions in all industries. All pressure-balanced taps have a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer, as they are now cartridge-driven. Most bathtubs and shower pans have a ten-year warranty, and toilet warranties vary between manufacturers. For Western, we go above and beyond to serve you with the best customer experience, so as we work by that saying, we offer 2 years on workmanship, whereas most bathroom renovation companies offer a 1-year warranty on workmanship. We stand beside our work, as any company should, fairly and accordingly. Also with having a showroom, you always know where you can find us in case of any questions or concerns. No worries if you don't want to make a drive, we are always a phone call away!
  • I am just starting to look around and shop different companies, what do you have to know about choosing a company?
    The proof is always what you need when looking for a qualified, and trustworthy renovation company. Proof of insurance, workers compensation, insurance, and membership of Alberta Services is always a first priority. Afterwards, assessing the knowledge of the team involved, as well as proper research is a fantastic way to know what you are getting yourselves into. Western has been dedicated to its clients since day one, way back all those 24 years ago. What gives us great pride is our returning customers, our client satisfaction, and of course most importantly, the beautiful bathrooms we piece together as a masterpiece in your homes!
  • What if my home is outside of Calgary?
    We always try to offer our services to surrounding areas. Though travel charges are applicable to able us to provide you with our work crew and bathroom specialists, we are available to serve many areas outside of the city of Calgary. Give us a call to inquire about your area and get more information.
  • How long does it take for a bathroom renovation to be completed?
    This all depends on what you are looking at getting, and how promptly you chose the aspects of your renovation. Most packages are between 3-5 days, but when custom details are added the timeline can vary. We will always do our best to accommodate your schedule or deadlines.
  • Can Western work with my budget and still get me the bathroom I am looking for?
    Western has tailored to all kinds of budgets over the years, and there is nothing more delightful than giving you what you want, around the price you desire. There are no limits to the lengths we go to ensure you get a beautiful in-home spa at the price range you are comfortable with, it's just an added perk to the job description
  • What about putting a liner on top of my bathtub? Would that be cheaper?
    A common misunderstanding about bathrooms is bathtub liners. We were in the business, and brought the ideas to Calgary! After a few years of installation, we became aware of the risks involved with the ineffective and costly purchase. After close inspection and consideration, Western expired its services for liners. It became a Band-Aid cover-up for bigger problems underneath, that did not last half as long as expected - and left Western to come up with a better plan for Calgarians. A full bathroom renovation at the same price, and in some considerations, less!
  • What is my role in the renovation process?
    What we always tell our clients is that the more proactive and involved you are with the process, the better it is. We cannot chose your materials, color schemes to design for you, all we can do is suggest and aid in the process. When it comes to the development of our business, communication is the best key we find! We love talking to you, so lets work as a team to give you some of the best renovation results in the industry!
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