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Tub To Shower Package



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Absolutely No Hidden Costs

Reg $12,679

Package Introduction

Upgrade your bathroom with "The Tub to Shower" Package! Remove old material, install custom shower stall, new water-resistant board, tile to ceiling, and stylish shower doors. Enjoy Delta pressure balance taps, new toilet, and a convenient corner caddy. Say goodbye to your old tub today!

Package Description

Introducing "The Tub to Shower" Package - a comprehensive bathroom renovation solution designed to transform your outdated bathroom into a stylish and functional space. This package is perfect for those looking to replace their old bathtub with a modern shower stall. The package includes a range of services to cater to your needs. First, our expert team will remove all the old materials from your bathroom, ensuring a clean slate for the renovation. Next, we will supply and install a custom shower stall measuring 60” x 32”, providing a spacious and comfortable showering experience. To ensure durability and water resistance, we will also supply and install new water-resistant boards and an acrylic base. Additionally, we will install new tile from floor to ceiling, giving your bathroom a fresh and elegant look. The package also includes the installation of custom shower doors, allowing for easy access and adding a touch of sophistication. For your convenience, we will supply and install new Delta pressure balance taps, ensuring precise control over water temperature. To complete the renovation, we will supply and install a new toilet with a soft-close seat, adding comfort and functionality. Finally, we will supply and install a corner caddy with a soap dish, providing convenient storage for your shower essentials. "The Tub to Shower" Package is an all-in-one solution to update your bathroom with modern fixtures and a sleek design. Our expert team is committed to delivering high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Say goodbye to your old tub and hello to a refreshed, contemporary shower space with "The Tub to Shower" Package.

What's Included

Material Removal

Remove all old material from bathroom as well as removed from job site

Tile schluter base

Install a tile schluter base

New Delta Taps

Supply and install new Delta pressure balance taps

Custom Shower

Supply and install one custom shower stall 60” x 30”

New Tile

Supply and install new tile to ceiling

New Toilet

Supply and install a new toilet with soft close seat

Water Resistant Board

Supply and install new water resistant board

New Shower Doors

Supply and install custom shower doors

Corner Caddy

Supply and install one corner caddy with soap dish

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