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Shopping Around Checklist

Before getting a renovation done it's good to understand what you should look for in a company before hiring them. Shopping around is sometimes a part of the process. We hope this checklist helps you decide what company to go with.

Certified Business

This is a government-run ran organization to protect the consumer. Being a member of Alberta Services is vital, and also required of businesses in our industry.


To ensure that the company you are researching is in fact a member, you are able to visit the Alberta Services website and inquire by either email or phone. Being a member of Alberta Services ensures that you, the consumer, are protected.


Unlike the BBB, which forwards 3 letters to each party (almost as a mail server), and if still unresolved, recommends you go to court, without leaving the keyboard - if for any reason there is an issue with the renovation, Alberta Services will send a specialist out to inspect the work done by the company or contractor, and in any event, has the power to fine the company & uphold strict expectations.



You always want to ensure that the experience behind the company is concrete, and that their business is reliable and trustworthy, but also the experience of those on the job site is parallel.

Western Bathrooms has been in business 25 years, pioneers in the Bathroom Renovation Industry in Calgary.

Our crewmen have 8-25 years of experience with Bathroom Installation and Renovation and are all held to the highest degree of renovation knowledge. Our crews are also continuously being educated and kept up to date with the best innovations in the industry.



First of all, you always want to know that you are protected against accidents and unforeseen issues. Anyone working on home renovation should be insured and bonded, not only is it the law, but it is vital when working in the renovation industry.


Anyone who is not should not be working within this industry, nor should be trusted if they are. Always make sure you are covered, and the company that you choose to give your business to should have the best of intentions for their customers.


Workers' compensation shows that the company cares about its business, and its employees, and safeguards all accidents that could occur.


If the company is not in good standings with the required measures within the industry, they might not be the best company to trust within your home.



Though it may look good on paper, having one-person complete al aspects of your job can be a risk to your renovation. Over a quarter of a century of experience has shown us here at Western time and time again, with fixing jobs done improperly, that different aspects of your renovation, as big or small as they can be, need specific attention from specialized personnel.


We employ only the best at their trade at western, and have trusted our specialists for close to a decade or longer on the job. The same employee who is installing your tub or taps, will not be the same worker who is tiling your shower.


Our mission at Western is to give the right attention to detail with all of our renovations, and to us that means having a specific person specialized in different aspects of your job, so that when a job is done by us, it is done right.


Project Timeline

Unless upgrades and custom work are required, the general rule of thumb for a standard-size bathroom renovation is between 3-5 days from the start date.


HOWEVER: Western never overpromises or guarantees to our customers what we ourselves are not 100% sure of. From the moment you book your date we are hard at work ordering, confirming, checking and double-checking that all of your materials are ready for your date.


Honesty is important, so we always inform our clients that there are those rare occasions that all of your materials are not delivered to us on time. You are paying for a renovation to be done in a timely manner, and we do all that we can to ensure your time with us is planned and executed accordingly.

Get in Touch

Contact us directly or book an appointment online. One of our sales reps will be happy to help you with a free estimate.

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