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The Cost Of Retiling Bathroom

Is it time to replace your old tiles? Mold, mildew, chipping, and splitting are all good reasons to retile your bathroom. But you’re probably wondering how much the entire retiling project is going to cost. Here’s what you can expect.

First, it’s important to understand that there are various factors that affect bathroom retiling costs. On average, it costs anywhere from $11 to $14 per square foot to retile a bathroom. So the first thing that’s going to determine your costs will be the size of your bathroom.

Second, the material that you choose to retile will determine your final costs. Marble costs $8 per square foot, limestone costs $5 per square foot, and slate costs $4 per square foot. There are many different materials to choose from.

If you want to do an economic bathroom renovation, you want to consider all materials for tiling. You’ll find that costs will also be determined by the quality of the tiles. For instance, ceramic tiles are very popular. The costs of ceramic tiles can range from very low to very high.

Third, the design of the tiles will factor into the cost. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to spend more money on your tiling if you have a specific design you like. The simpler designs will be cheaper, but if you want a distinct design, expect to pay a bit more.

Finally, the labor costs will add to the total costs. You want to work with a bathroom renovation company that is known for producing great results for its clients while also offering competitive rates for labor. A good company will do an outstanding job and finish up renovations relatively quickly.

Your bathroom renovation company will also have connections to get the material cheaper. So the prices you see at your big box store will not be the final price you pay for the actual tiles. See if the company you’re planning on working with can get your competitive rates for the materials.

In some cases, the company will provide you with a discount for getting both the materials and labor through them. This is a win-win for the manufacturer, contractor, and you.

At Western Bathrooms, we aren’t finished with the project until you are satisfied with your new bathroom. Contact us for a free estimate on your next bathroom renovation and bring your dreams to life.


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