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The Beginners Guide to Hiring a Bathroom Renovation Company

Blueprints on a table with a drill and a measuring tape.

Perhaps you have decided the time has come to hire a professional bathroom renovation company. That’s a smart move. The complexity of the job makes it something that is best done with the help of a pro. You will save yourself much time and misery by hiring a contractor instead of trying to take it on as a DIY project.  

Not All Contractors Design the Bathroom

With some of the bathroom remodelling firms, they might include everything in the project from the design to the last towel rack screwed into the wall. However, not all these companies will include the complete package with their Calgary bathroom renovations. Some might hope you will come up with a plan to help them execute it.

You Save Money by Supplying the Materials

We don’t mean buying the sheetrock to make the Calgary washroom renovations, but most companies have no problem with you buying the decorative and more expensive materials for the projects. Some of the examples of this include:


  • Toilets

  • Light fixtures

  • Towel fixtures

  • Mirrors

Tight Scheduling

Doing without a bathroom can be a hassle, to say the least. Even when you have a spare bathroom, you don’t want the company making these Calgary washroom renovations for the next six months and tramping all throughout the home. Instead, look for a company that promises deadline-oriented and clear timeframes for the project.

Calgary bathroom renovations can be a project that takes up a lot of energy. Even when it happens over the course of a couple days, it still takes time to finish. Having a clearly communicated design ready for the professionals can eliminate the amount of confusion that takes place and help you to have the best results.

At Western Bathrooms we aren’t finished the project until you are satisfied with your new bathroom. Contact us for a free estimate on your next bathroom renovation and bring your dreams to life.

Phone: 403-257-3222


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