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Top 6 Most Popular Kinds of Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks can be a stylish centerpiece for any modern bathroom, and with so many styles and colors available, customizing your bathroom sink is both easy and enjoyable. Typically affordable, bathroom sinks come in a variety of materials that will best suit your bathroom renovation, or try a new bathroom sink on your current bathroom for some added flair.

1. Self-Rimming Sinks

This style of sink is one of the easiest to install and most popular type of styles. It can be fitted onto an existing counter. It gets its name from the rim encircling the bowl sits on the countertop to support the sink’s weight. This type of sink can also been known as a drop-in sink. Typically taking under an hour to install, this is a no brainer for most bathrooms.

Self-Rimming Sinks

2. Vessel Sinks

Also known as countertop sinks, vessel sinks are bowl-shaped units that sit on the top of a counter. They don’t require any under mount installation, but do require a pop-up drain. These are a great choice because they are generally higher than other sinks, while also looking great in a contemporary space.

Vessel Sinks

3. Wall-Mounted

Perfect for bathrooms that are lacking in space, wall-mounted sinks are supported by the wall and don’t require a vanity base. Wall-mounted sinks are great for guest bathrooms, and also include a shroud to hide any piping. Install at any height with no limitations, this is a versatile sink.

Wall mounted sink

4. Pedestal Sinks

This type of stand-alone sink is along the same lines as a wall-mounted sink, able to be installed without the use of a vanity. It takes up little space and is great for small bathrooms where storage isn’t a priority. The bowl features a wide basin and narrow base, similar to a bird bath.

Pedestal Sink

5. Under mount Sinks

Minimalist and clean, undermount sinks maximize on counter space and are easy to clean. Installed below a solid countertop, these types of sinks gives a smooth look that’s become a big trend, while being easy to maintain and stylize.

Under Mount Sinks

6. Console Sinks

A cross between wall-mounted and pedestal sinks, Console Sinks are supported against a wall and have either pairs of 2-4 legs. With a less expanded base, it offers a less bulky solution for small bathrooms. These types of sinks sometimes come with extra storage space, and being compact and efficient.

Console Sink


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