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Looking for a change? Start with your bathroom!

Bathroom renovation with a new bathtub.

We’ve all seen the house hunting reality shows where the buyers get to the bathroom and are sadly disappointed by the lack of space, lack of his and hers sinks, or generally just the absence of that expected ‘wow factor’ we yearn for in that perfect bathroom. In the end, they reassure themselves that if they purchase the home they can renovate it to their liking one day.

What are we doing in bathrooms now a day that we require all this additional space and amenities? We are multi-tasking! Today’s bathrooms/ensuites have now become our place to retreat, our portal for pampering, our place to re-invent, regroup… and even rendezvous!

Gone are the days where we were simply satisfied to have indoor plumbing and appreciative to not have to trek out to the ol’ outhouse in the middle of the night. We’ve now come too far, have too much and have seen too much! We require space for all the latest body washes and anti-aging products; we want double shower heads and body jets. We desire heated tile, and a toilet at the perfect height with different flush options! Fixtures, backsplashes, and countertops aren’t just the requirements of a bathroom anymore. These options are the finishing touches, the “jewelry” of your bathroom retreat. A bathroom reno opens a doorway to creating a private escape complete with a few luxuries you will appreciate every day.

With our guidance and workmanship in as little as 3 days (with a cost respective to your budget), you could customize your bathroom to become your new favorite room of the house. However, after that it will be up to you to explain to everyone what you are doing in there!


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