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How to Pick Between Different Bathroom Renovation Companies for Your Remodel

It’s time for bathroom renovations, and you’re doing the research to find a qualified bathroom renovation company in Calgary. Some services may look better than others, but how do you really know when you’ve found the right company for your remodel?

The answer rests with just three simple questions. When you find a company with impressive answers to all three, you’ve found your ideal bathroom renovation company!

1. Are you a registered, licensed and insured bathroom renovation company?

Contracting for Calgary bathroom renovations with someone who cannot prove these basic qualifications is risky. You’re less likely to receive compensation if a costly mistake is made, and they may not take their business as seriously as someone who has gone through the steps to protect themselves and their clients.

2. How many Calgary bathroom renovations have you completed?

Many companies advertise the number of years that they’ve been in business, but you want to know how many bathrooms they have successfully remodeled. You may follow this up by asking how many of their bathroom renovations have been similar to your project. Do they use the same designs and themes for every bathroom, or do they consider the customer’s unique vision?

3. How do you determine the estimated cost of bathroom renovations?

This is where you will start to get short answers with few details when you’re working with an inexperienced or unprofessional renovation company. If the person sent to look at your bathroom and give a quote can’t tell you how they came up with the quote, you should ask further questions or look for another renovation company. You deserve a renovation cost list that is reflective of your project.

The First Step to a Beautiful Renovation

All successful Calgary bathroom renovations start with open communication. You reveal your expectations and desires to a professional with bathroom renovation experience, and then they make suggestions and create a well-organized plan and timeline. When lines of communication remain open and you have chosen the best renovation company, you can expect your renovation to go smoothly. Before you can get to the completed project, you must take that first step to open communications.

At Western Bathrooms we aren’t finished the project until you are satisfied with your new bathroom. Contact us for a free estimate on your next bathroom renovation and bring your dreams to life.


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