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How To Make Your Washroom More Luxurious

Washrooms are the rooms in your house that are often overlooked when it comes to luxury. As the traditional “water closet” these areas are often more functional than they are beautiful, but there is no reason that cannot be changed.


Today, find some inspiration for the ways you can transform your bathroom into the luxury paradise you have always dreamed it could be!


Inspiration for Your Washroom Renovations


The first step you should consider is washroom renovations in Calgary. Professional renovations will give you the ability to re-select that drab tile and tired bathtub with high-quality, stylish alternatives. A timeless piece of luxury furniture for the washroom is the claw-footed bathtub, and for the tall people out there it will finally afford the ability to have comfortable baths. 


In regards to the tile, look for something elegant and simple, but with deep complexity. This could be sparkly black tiles that seem to gaze into the cosmos themselves, or it could be a gilded border around a high-quality creme or antique linen-type tile. 


Next, look at the accessories around your washroom. Replace that toilet paper holder affixed to the cabinetry, and maybe consider adding the cabinets themselves to your washroom renovations in Calgary plan. Detached, standing “TP” holders are all of the rage in modern, luxurious washrooms so look for interesting styles and designs at your preferred luxury bathroom specialty store. 


Regarding the cabinets, try sprucing up your bathroom with some frosted glass cabinets. These will preserve your modesty while still providing a muted and luxurious look that all who visit will be enviously adoring. 

Water Fixtures for Your Washroom Renovations

Finally, the big-ticket items of your luxury bathroom revolution, are the faucet, sink, and toilet. Here there is endless bounty in terms of options but stainless steel, simple designs are often a good way to go. The smooth facade of your faucets will provide a calming appearance that will be appreciated. 


For your toilet, it may be worth the addition of a bidet. These devices, which have a huge following in countries like Japan, make cleaning a breeze. Plus, in our current climate, they are a wonderful replacement for toilet paper and often don’t add significant charges to your water bill as a bonus.


Now you are ready to embark on the journey of luxury bathrooms but don’t forget the most important step which is participating in washroom renovations in Calgary. Professional washroom renovation companies will be able to showcase your options, give feedback and ideas, and perform the difficult tasks associated with the luxury bathroom of your dreams.


At Western Bathrooms, we aren’t finished with the project until you are satisfied with your new bathroom. Contact us for a free estimate on your next bathroom renovation and bring your dreams to life.



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