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Buying the Best Bathroom Accessories

Everyone wants to have a bathroom that is not only comfortable but also beautiful. That could be the reason why some homeowners grab certain bathroom accessories, but the function of these accessories is what matters the most.

In designing a bathroom, the question of what one may need to buy or what one may want to buy comes up. You can’t go shopping for these ideas without an idea of what kind of bathroom you will design. So allow us to give you some guidance on how you can choose bathroom accessories.

1. Know Your Budget

Of course, it can be dependent on your budget when considering a bathroom renovation. Setting a budget will allow you to choose the ones that would suit your bathroom and would also be within the bracket of your budget allotted for it. So budget well and get bathroom accessories that are of good quality and affordable prices.

2. Know What You Need

Before you start shopping, make sure that you already know what you really need. Look at your bathroom and check what needs to be placed there. Also, you need to consider your using as the homeowner. Do not get those which you do not use. Only get the accessories that are important to you.

3. Don’t Buy for Just Brands

When buying bathroom accessories, it would not really be necessary to think about brands. There are times when that item doesn’t have the same quality as others. Look into each item carefully to consider individual specs, and any energy savings it may provide. Make sure each item suits your needs, and isn’t just a brand name.

4. Seek Affordable Quality

Another misconception of buyers is that when it costs more, it means the product quality is better. In reality, there’s a lot of other items that are cheaper yet still better quality. So be a smart buyer and thoroughly research each items details and prices.

5. Consider your Available Space

Don’t buy big accessories if your bathroom space is limited. Evaluate your available space so that you won’t purchase items that will crowd your bathroom, Remember that the function is what matters most, not the look.

6. Prioritize Necessities

Not all accessories are actually important. Some of them don’t have to be purchased. In buying, see to it that you only get what you need, not what you want. Do not forget to buy sinks, faucets, showers, floor drains and others. See to it that the accessories you really need are bought first. Make sure it also fits your style and serves a purpose.

7. Choose Faucets and Showerheads

Make sure that your faucets and showerheads will complement your bathroom fixtures. If you have a sink and tub that are streamlined, then use faucets and shower heads that will go along with the modern look. If your fixtures are embellished, then you can get porcelain-brass combos for a more traditional look.

8. Plain or Neutral

If you plan to change your bathroom theme from time to time, then it would be wise to consider using neutral or plain colors. This way, you won’t have to buy accessories whenever you intend to change your bathroom’s look. You can simply get the basics – basic porcelain bathtub, toilet and sink – for a new bathroom.

9. Choose your Lighting

You might not consider lighting as part of the accessories, but it’s a valuable part of any bathroom renovation. Choose lighting that would illuminate your bathroom and also give it a great look. You can use wall sconces, pendants, and much more. Your choice of lighting actually depends on the size of the bathroom.

10. Everything in Between

After you’ve got all the necessities, you can focus on the in-between things. These include: soap dish, toothbrush holder, towel hanger, shower curtains and others. But, do not buy these items to simply fill space.


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