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All the Benefits of a Bathroom Renovations

A bathroom renovation almost always makes any home owner a little nervous. Known for being expensive, time consuming and messy, some people may shy away from a bathroom renovation. However, home owners should know about all the amazing benefits of getting a new bathroom installed. Your new in-home spa awaits!

1. More Enjoyment and Relaxation at Home

Your bathroom is not just a place to get ready in the morning and evening. It can be an oasis of relaxation and de-stressing. Even small changes can make a big difference. Even putting something soft onto that cold, hard toilet seat would make an impact.

Other small changes can include modifications to color or patterns. Many people will not think of these as renovations, but any change to your home should be considered a renovation.

There’s also the big changes, like turning your tub into something more luxurious, to make taking a bath into your spa-like experience. If you don’t feel like upgrading your whole shower, you can simply upgrade the shower head instead, which adds form and function.

2. Improve the Look of Your Whole Home

Having a new bathroom does not just benefit the bathroom itself, but the house as a whole. The bathroom should be one of the best rooms in the house, as it adds huge resale value and compliments everything around it.

Appearance isn’t everything however. The bathroom needs to be fully functional as well. This goes for all your bathrooms, don’t just upgrade your master bath, go for a complete home bathroom renovation to keep style and consistence through-out.

3. Create More Space

Space is very important to any bathroom. When you walk into your bathroom, you shouldn’t need to reach or stretch to grab anything. Avoid having small nooks and crannies with a bathroom renovation.

If you cannot add physical space, you’ll want to start swapping out your current appliances for more efficient, space-saving models. In addition, you can add extra space with hangers or cabinets for storing or hanging certain things.

4. Increased Home Value

One of the most obvious benefits of a bathroom renovation is the increased value on your home. Any remodeling helps the value of a home, but when people are looking for a new home, the bathrooms can easily be a deal breaker.

If the bathroom is nice, it’s easy to assume the rest of the house will be nice. Some people go out of their way to find a home with a renovated bathroom.

Bathroom renovcations can quickly pay for themselves in the added value to your home. It doesn’t always work that way, but if you pay attention to the details, you can make your bathroom work for you.

5. Make Your Home More Clean

Making your bathroom more spacious adds a psychological effect that only a beautiful bathroom can achieve. Simply because it is new and renovated, you will be more motived to keep it immaculate.

Old fixtures, piping and bathroom components can hide less than savory things that contribute to bad hygiene. For instance, old pipes can hide rust that carry over into your shower. Not something you want to be bathing with.

Calcium can easily buildup in a shower head, which is also mixing with your shower. This can hide various bacteria, germs and pathogens. A quick update, or complete overhaul, can make a particular problem go away.

6. Save Money

There’s no need to go completely green with your bathroom renovation. But, by simply adding some energy-efficient appliances, you can begin to start saving money on water and electricity.

Low-flow fixtures sound like they cannot handle comfortable pressure, but they can. In fact, “low-flow” should be categorized as “high-efficiency”, as they do the same job as what you already have, just with less water.

Small upgrades can also save money. Energy efficient light bulbs, new shower heads and light dimmers can also be energy-savers in the long run.


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