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7 Ways to Enhance Your Calgary Washroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations in Calgary are said to add a lot of value to your property because they have as high as a 75 percent recovery rate. This is one of the reasons a lot of homeowners are willing to take on these renovation projects.

1. Low-flow Hidden-Tank Toilet

If you planned to replace the toilet anyhow, a hidden-tank toilet can save you space and save on water every time you pull the flush handle.

2. Small Textures Tiles for Shower Floor

Important for the safety in the shower, the extra grouting and the texture gives your feet an added grip for additional safety.

3. Two-inch Plumbing

Usually, bathroom plumbing will be 1.5 inches, and unfortunately, it clogs easily, but a 2-inch drain eliminates some of this.

4. A Tub

A bathroom renovation company often recommends this to people who like to take baths, and a tub in the bathroom can help to sell it later.

5. A Shower Room Window?

The biggest enemy to a clean bathroom will be the moisture that gets trapped without good ventilation. This is an easy Calgary washroom renovation.

6. Medicine Cabinet That is Recessed

A few inches in the wall means that you have more space in your cabinet. At the same time, this is how to renovate a bathroom on a small budget.

7. Better Lighting

In general, bathrooms usually don’t give you access to natural light, which is why adding a better lighting fixture is an awesome improvement to a bathroom.

Bathroom renovation ideas should help to make your bathroom space even more efficient than what it was before. Consider these small but significant improvements for the best results. You can make your washroom twice as good as what it was before.

At Western Bathrooms, we haven’t finished the project until you are satisfied with your new bathroom. Contact us for a free estimate on your next bathroom renovation and bring your dreams to life.


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